Employee Testimonials

Employee Testimonials

A season at South Shore Pool Supply is much more than a summer job. Read our Employee Testimonials below to see what makes working working with us so great!!!

“My name Andrew MacKay and I currently manage a client facing operations team of 18 within the financial services industry. I was fortunate enough to have worked at SSPS for 6 summers in my late teens and early twenties. At the time, I thought my work experience didn’t have anything to do with the industry in which I was trying to move and I was nervous about it.

I remember having a really quick interview for a position with a guy who would later become my boss and who is one of the smartest guys I’ve ever worked with. Later I witnessed him firsthand being really tough in interviews and call candidates back in sometimes for a 2nd and 3rd interview and I never understood why I got off so easy. I now know, now that I’m the one making the decisions on staffing, exactly why that was and began to really appreciate what I learned with SSPS and how applicable it was to the work I do now.

All he asked of me was to describe what I did in my current role. It wasn’t the specifics of water chemistry, pool systems, or any of that stuff that he keyed in on.  It was learning how something works and problem solving. It was learning good, direct, face-to-face customer service. It was learning how to explain something complicated in a simple, understandable way. It was the independence and personal responsibility that comes with it. It was teamwork and communication. It was seeing the delicate balance between the customer and the business. It was time management. It was everything I do now and exactly what I look for in new hires for my team.

I suppose I could have tried harder to get some financial internship somewhere where I’d be doing repetitive, mundane tasks that a manager just didn’t want to do as a bright spot on my resume, but looking back now I think I spent my summers doing exactly what gave me nearly perfect experience for what would later turn into a successful career, regardless of the industry.”

Andrew MacKay

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