winter pool


Full Closing
• Includes filter cleaning
• Removal of handrails and/or ladders (if existing)
• Pool equipment and plumbing winterization, chemical treatment
• Putting on the cover

Partial Closing
• Includes filter cleaning (if we find the filter has been cleaned and reassembled, there will be a price reduction)
• Does not include removing handrails and/or ladders (if existing)
• Pool equipment and plumbing winterization, chemical treatment
• Customer puts on the cover after we finish winterization
    *Please Note: If you need to cover your pool before your appointment, we will need to partially remove the cover at the closing to perform our partial closing.

Spa Closing
• Spa closing at time of pool closing – water should be below the returns
• Spa closing before/after pool closing

Additional Closing Costs
• Leaf-trapper Closing 

• In-Floor Cleaning System Closing
• Waterfall/Fountain Closing 

• Non-Safety Cover

Water Lowering Service
Water must be lowered for the closing.

• We recommend lowering the water 18-24” below the top of the pool. This allows for rain to replenish the level to at least 18” below the cover before the snow and ice accumulate.
• If your water level goes down further than 18″, your pool cover can stretch, rip or cause damage to cover springs and anchors.
• Rain and snow will fill the pool over the winter.  Continue to monitor your pool water level, insuring it is below the tile line, yet not more than 18” below the cover.
• Pools with tarp covers must have the water level 2-3″ below the skimmer.
• Be sure not to lower the water too much in vinyl pools, the liner can float and cause serious problems.

Safety Covers
• Free replacement estimates are available on request.
• Measurements and estimates for new safety covers are also available free of charge.

Safety Cover Hardware
Without properly working anchors and springs, your cover cannot provide its safety features.
• Springs will be replaced, if worn, bent, or broken.
• Deck anchors will need to be replaced if stripped or stuck and will require a service call.

Winter Care Service
• Includes a monthly check to ensure proper water levels.
• Chemical treatment will be added during spring and fall.