Weekly maintenance is invoiced monthly. Other services will be invoiced upon completion and payment is due on receipt. 
To qualify for the weekly maintenance rate, we require service for a minimum of ten (10) weeks. If you cancel without cause prior to the full ten (10) weeks, a $200 penalty will be assessed, which will be due on receipt of bill. In the event of a dispute, either party may terminate this contract in writing without penalty or assessment.

We require a credit card number on file before we schedule services. The card will be charged a basic service fee of $90 of labor at the time of request/schedule. If repairs need to be performed on your pool costing more than $200.00, we will contact you for approval. Repairs under $200.00 will be billed automatically. In the event a bill becomes 30 days past due, we will charge the balance to your credit card to keep your account current. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.