Additional Services

Additional Pool & Hot Tub Services

Please call us at (781) 383-3300 for pricing of individual services.

Spa Opening & Closing
  • Spa opening/closing at time of pool opening/closing (water should be below the returns for closing) 
  • Spa opening/closing before/after pool opening

Hot Tub Opening & Closing
  • Non Contract

Initial Cleaning (Not included as part of opening service) 
  • Multiple visits to vacuum, clean filter, and balance water (Average initial cleaning is 5 hours over the course of a couple days)
  •  Service is complete when pool is clean, water is clear and balanced.

* Please Note: Only available to Hassle Free customers with a signed contract

Non-Contract Weekly Maintenance

We will visit once a week or as requested.

  • Balance pool water, check water level, chemistry, heater, and other equipment 
  • Empty baskets, vacuum pool, clean filter, brush, and skim pool if necessary

One-Time Pool Cleaning Service

When you don’t have the time, or for special occasions like a party! 

  • Balance pool water, empty baskets, vacuum pool, clean filter, brush and skim if necessary 

Quarterly Hot Tub Maintenance 
  • Jet Clean treatment to remove biofilm and other buildup 
  • Drain and scrub spa; clean filter 
  • Replace filter when necessary, replace Nature 2 cartridges, refill and balance water

Winter Care Service
  • Includes a monthly check to ensure proper water levels. 
  • Chemical treatment will be added during spring and fall.

Other Services

Certified technicians are available to repair or replace pool equipment. An estimate will be presented prior to work for all supplies needed.

  • Show & Tell for new pool owners

Annual Heater Checkup

(not repair, see heater info below)

  • Clean and inspect internal components of heater, in particular the heat exchanger and burner 
  • Check for gas leaks, clean electrical contacts, evaluate safety systems 
  • Customer will be contacted if additional services are required
Why wait for heater problems?

We recommend an annual heater checkup to prevent a cold pool when you really want it warm! Imagine the frustration of a customer last Fourth of July. The morning of his long-anticipated party he finds his pool is cold. 

“The heater worked fine when we closed the pool,” he said. Upon servicing the heater, we found spiders had left their webs in the pilot tube, preventing the heater from firing.

We recommend the following:
  1. An annual heater checkup to clean and inspect the heater, and make sure it’s ready to roll for the swim season. (Let us take care of the mice, snakes and spiders!) 
  2. Turning on the heater for just 30 seconds a week will make sure it’s operating properly. When you need the heat, you know you have it. (This is just one of the things we do in our weekly Hassle Free Pool Care visit.)

Safety Covers
  • Free replacement estimates are available on request. 
  • Measurements and estimates for new safety covers are also available free of charge.
Safety Cover Hardware (Can this be removed?)

Without properly working anchors and springs, your cover cannot provide its safety features.

  • Springs will be replaced, if worn, bent, or broken. 
  • Deck anchors will need to be replaced if stripped or stuck and will require a service call.

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