Hassle Free Pool Care

Hassle Free Pool Care

Our Hassle Free pool care program is our premium level of service that lets you enjoy all the benefits of owning a pool, without any of the hassle. We will provide a Custom Maintenance Schedule including the following services:  

Full Opening
  • Remove and fold cover 
  • Clean and lubricate deck anchors 
  • Start pump and filter, test heater and other equipment 
  • Re-install handrails and/or ladders (if existing) 
  • Replace pool returns and baskets
  • Initial chemical “shock” treatment
  • Quick vac service

* Please Note: We do brush all pool surfaces to loosen any algae, getting it into the water and susceptible to the shock treatment. This also loosens up the silt that often gets stuck to the pool floor while sitting during the off-season.

Initial Cleaning
  • Multiple visits to vacuum, clean filter and balance water (Average initial cleaning is 5 hours over the course of a couple days)
  • This service is not included in the opening 
  • Service is complete when pool is clean, water is clear and balanced.

* Please Note: Only available to Hassle Free customers with a signed contract

Weekly Maintenance

We will visit once a week or as requested. 

  • Balance pool water, check water level, chemistry, heater, and other equipment 
  • Empty baskets, vacuum pool, clean filter, brush, and skim pool if necessary

Full Closing
  • Filter cleaning 
  • Removal of handrails and/or ladders (if existing) 
  • Pool equipment and plumbing winterization, chemical treatment 
  • Water lowering service (water level is lowered 18”-24” below top of pool to allow for rain replenishment.) 
  • Put on the cover

Winter Care
  • Monthly check to ensure proper water levels 
  • Chemical treatment added during spring and fall

Call us today at (781) 383-3300 or email us at customerservice@sspoolsupply.com to join our Hassle Free Hot Tub Care program. 

Please Note: All Hassle Free Services will be invoiced as work is performed. Supplies used will be charged separately.

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